"Innovative Dance Co in Blacktown has been a wonderful place to grow and learn. I have taken my dancing and vocals to a whole new level!" - Elise, Student

Top 10 concert FAQ’s

Q: When and where is the concert for 2017?
A: Saturday the 4th of November at 2pm at the Lighthouse Theatre at 338-356 Wentworth Rd Orchard Hills 

Q: Do we have to sew any dance costumes? 
A: No sewing needed!! We hire all of our costumes for $30 per routine 

Q: What do I wear to the Saturday full rehearsal?
A: Studio uniform is required on this day and don’t forget all of the appropriate shoes too.

Q: When and where can I get tickets for the concert?
A: Tickets are on sale 10am on the 2nd of October 2017. The only way to purchase tickets is online at www.trybooking.com
Tickets can not be purchased at the venue 

Q: What time do we have to arrive on concert day?
A: Aim for an arrival of 8.15am as we are starting at 9am sharp!!

Q: How do I do hair and make up for the concert? 
A: refer to your concert pack for a photo of how to do a braid. Our Make Up sheet is also available for step by step instructions on how to apply make up. Remember u can also pay for your child’s hair and make up to be done professionally on the day. Refer to your concert pack for pricing on this 

Q: Can parents go backstage at the concert?
A: As per the theatre rules no parents are allowed access backstage. So make sure you pack everything your child needs!!

Q: When is the concert money due?
A: Thursday 7th of September 

Q: Does my child stay backstage the entire concert? 
A: Yes all students stay backstage the whole concert and can be picked up at the end of the concert at the entrance.

Q: How much is a concert DVD?
A: $50 per DVD 

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