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Taking a dance class is not like taking another exercise class. Whatever reason you are taking a dance class for, it is important that you do some warm up before you start the dance class. Have you ever tried to start a class during winter? You must give it some time after the engine starts running to warm up for it to run smoothly. The same happens with the human body. You must, first of all, do some exercises for your body to warm up and be ready for the real task.

One of the major reasons why you should warm up before taking a dance class is to prepare your body for the dance exercise and to avoid injury. Your body just like the car engine must be given time to warm up otherwise it won’t run smoothly. Preparing for the exercise gets the brain ready, and it alarms the whole body that it’s going to do some vigorous activity. In dancing, preparation is everything a correct and safe warm up will help with fewer chances of injuries.

During warm-up, you increase the blood flow to you muscles from the neck, to the hands and all the way down to the legs. This prepares your body to fuel your dance movements adequately. You also increase your respiration rate (breaths per minute) slowly during warm up. If you go directly to the dance session, there is the danger of getting tired fast because you have abruptly started without getting your muscles ready and without a safe increase in your respiratory rate. Increasing your breathing all at once can be dangerous and it can shock the body.

Warm up increases lubrication of your joints to facilitate easier ranges of motion. Your joints have a liquid called the synovial fluid which acts like oil lubricating your joints. When it is cold, the oil moves slowly and it makes movements difficult but when it is warm movement becomes much easier since the synovial liquid is moving faster through your joints.

It’s so important to have the body ready for an intense activity. Your brain controls your body, and during warm up, the speed of neural signal transmission is increased from the brain all through to the muscles. Warm up also focuses your attention on the activity you are about to commence allowing your body feel ready to take on the activity.

In a nutshell – warming up before taking a dance class is crucial because it gets your whole body ready and it also minimizes the risks of injury.

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