"Innovative Dance Co in Blacktown has been a wonderful place to grow and learn. I have taken my dancing and vocals to a whole new level!" - Elise, Student

Importance of a Studio Uniform

Innovative Dance Co has had a uniform in the past but over the years the lines have become blurred and the team felt it was time to re introduce it with some fresh designs and styles.
There are many reasons for a uniform in dance. We want to teach our students to “respect the art of dance.” Uniforms in dance are a part of it’s long history.
With Dance, is discipline and whilst we strive to create fun and energetic classes by “dressing the part” a student looks like, behaves and becomes a dancer enabling a sense of pride.

A uniform helps a teacher to be able to see a dancers alignment, posture, toes and more from head to toe in order to make corrections when needed.
An important part of our decision is that a dress code cuts down on distractions in class such as who is wearing the latest cutest dance attire or trend and helps to promote class unity.
Inappropriate clothing can cause discomfort and even injury.

Our uniform is custom designed and there is something for everyone it has been created exclusively for Innovative and has taken in many considerations such as styles and price point allowing students to mix- and-match creating their own individual comfortable look.

Uniforms will make a great stocking filler for Christmas, we can take care of any surprises.

See us for an order form and price list.

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