Class Fee information

We strive to provide brilliant dance tuition at affordable prices. Please view our fee table below.

Innovative Dance Co has the right to change any package at any time.

* Prices based off a 10 week term (in some cases terms may be 9-11wks)


At Innovative Dance Co. we offer 2 methods of payment, you can pay:

1. Each week
2. Or by the school term (4 terms per year)

If you choose to pay by the term and the payment is made in the first 2 weeks of the term then a 10% discount applies.
Please note that Term 4 paid in advance for ALL students.


Innovative Dance Co. students and their families participate in one fundraiser per year to help raise funds for the concert and annual trophies for each student.

Note: Any missed lessons MUST be paid for.

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