Innovative Dance Co Frequently Asked Questions

Q.When can we start?
A. Anytime! It’s never to late to start dancing, you can start at anytime during the year. Just pop in and enroll on the spot.

Q. What are the uniform requirements for your studio?
A. We have our very own custom designed uniform available to order, please see the front desk for samples and order forms. All dance shoes are available at Centre Stage Dancewear, Monaro Street Seven Hills.

Q. What does a Class costs?
A. Most classes are $10, Acro classes are $12, see our Fees page for more information on costs.

Q. Is there a annual Enrollment fee?
A. NO.

Q. Is there a concert?
A. Yes, each year we hold a professional concert in a Performing Arts Theatre, it is the highlight of our year. Please note that concert participation is not compulsory although most children do participate.

Q. Are there expensive costumes that have to be purchased?
A. NO. At concert time we hire costumes which helps keep costs low.

Q. Do you offer Private Lessons?
A. Yes, private lessons can be arranged by request, please contact us for more information.

Q. Do you have classes for older girls and adults with many years of dance experience?
A. We have a range of classes for everyone, give us a call and we can give you more info.

Q. Why chose dance for your child?
A. Dance is the second most popular activity in Australia next to Swimming. Dance lets children develop a sense of pride and creativity. At Innovative we strive to create a safe and happy atmosphere for all children.