"Innovative Dance Co in Blacktown has been a wonderful place to grow and learn. I have taken my dancing and vocals to a whole new level!" - Elise, Student

Are you a FTCP?

As a First Time Concert Parent (FTCP) this is an exciting time for you and your dancer. The first thing to do is NOT PANIC!

By now you should have received your very first Concert Pack, which contains everything you need to know regarding the upcoming concert.

Yes, it may look involved at first glance but we have created this pack to be an easy to use reference guide.

The pack includes ALL the info needed to participate in our annual concert which is an incredibly inspiring and empowering day for all students and family members.

The concert is a place where students have the opportunity to showcase their work confidently and with pride. Students beam on stage with excitement. Students constantly tell us that the concert is their highlight of their year, next to their Birthdays!

We have broken the pack down into easy to find topic bubbles. THere are a few dates to mark on your calendar, we have also taken care of this by including a fridge calendar to stick up and refer to at home.

Our Costume Photo Day is also a hugely anticipated day. Students will be able to try their costumes on for the first time and get the chance to take some breath taking photos with a professional photographer which you can treasure forever.

We like to distribute the concert packs out early each year, so all the information and dates are easy for families to work around.

We also put everything in one place, there will not be any further notes or correspondence regarding the concert later in the year. So its important this document is not misplaced. It also helps to eliminate notes being left in dance bags and reduced confusion.

Don’t forget to talk to your dancer over the upcoming months and include them in this creative process. It also helps them to gain a greater understanding of what’s coming up and helps to reduces nerves.

So sit down with a cup of tea (or a wine) and have a read through the pack, I promise it’s not as complicated as it looks. If you still have questions please drop us a line on our socials or pop us a quick email at info@innovativedance.com.au. 

Happy Dancing

Emma & Mary

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